Skillful Reading and Writing 2: Student book with Digibook Pack

Skillful Reading and Writing 2: Student book with Digibook Pack

Tác giả: Louis Rogers - Jennifer Wilkin    |   Mã sản phẩm: CDM-431942    |    Tình trạng: hết hàng

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The study skills section develops this further, providing practical guidance and support, and building confidence for independent learning. 
Key features: 
* a comprehensive digital component including a page-faithful Digibook and Skillful practice area with interactive activities and video material
* opportunities in each unit to engage critically with issues and to develop skills such as evaluating and synthesizing information 
* systematic development of practical study skills through case studies and material from Stella Cottrell, author of the bestselling title Study Skills Handbook 
* flexible approach, with the ability to use each book as distinct skills texts or in tandem to create an integrated four-skills text.

AuthorLouis Rogers - Jennifer Wilkin 
Product dimension (cm)28.2 x 21.6 x 0.5
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