Longman Essential Activator Paper

Longman Essential Activator Paper

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How does the Longman Essential Activator build vocabulary? 
*Students choose a word they already know such as better'. 
*They use the clear headings to find the right meaning.
*They look at the different options clear definitions and plenty of examples make choosing the right word easy. 
* Grammar and common error information help students use the new word correctly. How does the Longman Essential Activator improve writing skills? 
*Students learn key vocabulary by topic with the colour Word Banks, and use the Writing Tips to structure essays correctly. 
*Students can practise their writing skills using the Longman Writing Coach CD-ROM. The Coach guides students through the stages of writing a full essay which they can check against the model essay provided. 
*Students can click from any word straight to the definition in the Longman Active Study Dictionary which is included in full on the CD-ROM. Dictionary Data 
*700 key concepts. 
*42,000 words, phrases and examples. 
*Over 1,500 usage notes, including notes on formal and informal words. 
*25 word banks with topic vocabulary and writing tips.

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