Bebop 2: Activity Book

Bebop 2: Activity Book

Tác giả: Lorena Peimbert    |   Mã sản phẩm: CDM-453043    |    Tình trạng: còn hàng

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Bebop, our new pre-school series, develops language, academic and physical development skills, taking a playful, multi-sensory approach to whole-child learning and motivation. Full of energy and music, the Bebop Band characters in the Storysong and Action Song lessons help to bring the new language to life.
Bebop involves parents in their childrens learning through the use of mobile technology by offering a parents app, Bebop Band, which gives parents a fun way to keep up to date with what their child has been learning at school and allows them to play an active role in supporting their childs understanding of English.
By exposing children to language in meaningful contexts through sight, sound and motion, Bebop ensures that children are engaged, learning, and having fun.

AuthorLorena Peimbert
Product dimension (cm)30.5 x 23.9 x 0.8
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