IELTS Advantage Writing Skills

IELTS Advantage Writing Skills

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ELTS Advantage is a series of course books offering step-by-step guidance to achieving a high IELTS score.
IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills is a fully comprehensive resource for passing the writing section of the IELTS exam with a grade of 6.5-7.0 or higher. Students are guided step-by-step through the different tasks in the writing module, using material developed in the classroom, by authors with many years’ experience in helping hundreds of IELTS candidates achieve a high IELTS score.
IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills:
shows students how to organise and structure an answer for all types of task 1 and 2 questions
contains a model essay in each unit, showing students exactly what is required
contains a general interest article in each unit, developing ideas and vocabulary for a common topic in the exam
quickly develops students’ fluency and confidence in producing pieces of writing through a focus on academic vocabulary and collocations
contains grammar exercises in each unit, showing students how to apply a wide range of grammar items in their IELTS writing
Key features:
Suitable for classroom study or self-study
Includes answer key
Real writing samples from IELTS students, with examiners’ comments, show in detail what is required to achieve a 6.5, for example
Frequent exam tips from the authors’ experience as IELTS examiners help students achieve a higher score
Check and challenge sections allow students to revise material and take their writing to the next level

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Tác giảRichard Brown, Lewis Richards
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Năm xuất bản2019

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